Huntington Beach Community Church has a reputation in the community for being relevant and accessible. A number of recent changes have allowed the ministerial staff to expand the scope of their outreach. Specifically, a new website will make it easier to connect and engage in the many activities throughout the weeks, months and year.


Realizing that HBCC has had members come and go, the staff felt that creating a private network for current, past and potential members would be vital to fulfilling the mission of the church. Access to the network is limited but totally free. The Social Portal will allow users to share images, documents, comments, opinions, and participate in moderated discussions.

It is our hope that by connecting, we can create a community of likeminded believers that transcends geography and time zones. We are always growing. Join us today!


  1. Mike Boswith

    David I really think this is a great way for our folks to stay intouch with one another. It’s our church family party line.

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